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Do you want to receive SMS online? Use a virtual mobile number for sending and receiving SMS messages.
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What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

A virtual mobile number is an SMS enabled virtual phone number and is very efficient for two-way SMS communication. For example, if you send bulk SMS messages and you want to receive replies, then a virtual mobile number is the perfect solution. A virtual mobile number allows for an easy way to interact with your customers or staff.

What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

Virtual Mobile Number Features

Send and receive SMS messages online from a dedicated virtual mobile number.

Incoming messages are immediately visible in the inbox of the control panel and our Control Panel app.

Forward all incoming messages by email to one or more email recipients.

Forward all incoming messages to an API (webservice).

Virtual Mobile Number Benefits

Virtual Mobile Number Benefits

  • You can send SMS messages via the software to which recipients can respond immediately.

  • You can link virtual mobile numbers from different countries.

  • Your virtual mobile number is 24/24h, 7/7 days available and it is directly hosted by the operators.

  • There are no additional costs per received text message.

Virtual Mobile Number Benefits

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International Virtual Mobile Number

We offfer Virtual Mobile Numbers for sale in the following countries. Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chili, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hongkong, Hungary, Indonesia;, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Noorway, Puerto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Romania;, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Africa, South-Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switserland, United Kingdom, USA.

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International Virtual Mobile Number

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Virtual Mobile Number

Virtual Mobile Number Smstools Do you want to receive SMS online? Use a virtual mobile number for sending and receiving SMS messages.
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